2019 Neohio SCCA Autocross Schedule Released! Let’s Run!

There are a few local organizations that host autocross events and two of them have already released their 2019 autocross schedule. In this post I’ll highlight the schedule of the Neohio region of the SCCA. I’ll also post about the Akron Sports Car Club schedule very soon as they have released their 2019 autocross schedule.

Autocross events are perhaps one of the easiest ways to get into motorsports and learn about car handling and performance. What’s event better is that you can compete against others in your class as well against your own time.  These events are professionally run and there’s tons of support for those that are new to the sport.

The Neohio region of the SCCA has announced a schedule that has nine events including a test and tune type event. Test and tunes allow participants to try different set ups on their vehicle while not having to worry about their run times. It’s also a great way to knock of the rust off from winter.

Keep in mind that this schedule is tentative and could change. I recommend checking the Neohio SCCA Autocross Schedule  on a regular basis for updates and to confirm dates as the season moves along.

Neohio SCCA Autocross Schedule

April 27 (Saturday)Spring TrainingTentativeEastlake
April 28 (Sunday)Points Event #1TentativeEastlake
May 25 (Saturday)Points Event #2TentativeEastlake
June 30 (Sunday)Points Event #3TentativeEastlake
July 13 (Saturday)Points Event #4TentativeEastlake
August 4 (Sunday)Points Event #5TentativeEastlake
September 7 (Saturday)Points Event #6TentativeEastlake
September 29 (Sunday)Points Event #7TentativeEastlake
October 19 (Saturday)Points Event #8
(Season Finale!)

Autocross Advice

Over the past couple of years I have written some posts about autocross and how to make your life a little easier…

What To Bring:  This post highlights what you should pack for an autocross event.

6 Tips For Maintaining Your Autocross Car: Keeping your autocross car in top shape is important.  This post cover six quick things to do between events.

To Mod or Not To Mod: While modifying your car can yield quick performance gains, sometimes you end up in a class where it’s tough to  compete.

If you’ve never participated in an autocross event consider getting out to one of the early season events just to check it out.  If you are new to these types of events there will be plenty of help.  From ride alongs, to course walks and instruction from seasoned autocrossers.  There’s also a great social aspect as after the event many will gather to talk about the day and how to improve for next time.