Cabin Air Filters and Mice

Warning…If you don’t like mice ?, the pic below might offend.
We see this from time to time – evidence of rodents. These two pics are from different cars that we saw this month.

In one case we actually found the mouse! In most cases we just find the evidence that little critters have been in the vehicle.

mouse in car
Yikes! A mouse
For example, the cabin air filter below has quite a large amount of Koi food in it. A little critter was stock piling food in the cabin air filter.
cabin air filter piled high with koi food from a mouse
Piled high!
cabin air filter mouse
Koi Food Filled Cabin Air Filter!
A clogged cabin air filter slows down air filow, strains the blower motor and the passenger cabin may not smell as fresh as it should.
How do these guy get in your car? Most times they’ll stay in the engine area. They seek the warmth of area during the cold months. We’ve actually found nests from where they’ve build a second home. They may jump in your car at work or at home in your garage. Mice and other rodents like to eat wires which can lead to big issues – so find ways to keep them out – such as dyer sheets, moth balls or perhaps a large cat ?!
Prior to our road trip this month I checked  the cabin air filter in the #Odyssey2Indy and it was time for a change!
dirty cabin air filter cavity
Dirty Filter Cavity


new air cabin filter
Old vs. New


It’s not uncommon to get leaves, debris and dirt in the air box/cavity and the filter.  That’s the purpose of the filter!  Make sure to haver it checked every oil change.  Cabin air filters need to be replaced about once per year.   In some cases we see them getting replaced every six months.  This general occurs when a vehicle is parked under a tree or driven in very dusty environments.