#Odyssey2Indy hanging on Route 66

Road Tripping’ in the #Odyssey2Indy – Preppin’ is Important

The #Odyssey2Indy traveled 1600+ miles last week as we took it on  a family vacation and headed west.  Why in world would we choose to take a 200,000+ mile van on a journey through the corn fields of the midwest?  Hmmm, good question.  It’s comfy, reliable and decent on gas.  There’s always a risk and a potential for adventure when taking an older vehicle on a road trip, but with the right preparation, issues can be mitigated.

Prepping the van

To get our 2001 Honda Odyssey ready for the trip I performed a few, routine service items such as, AMOSIL oil change with a high quality filter, inspecting

Dirty cabin air filter in the #Odyssey2Indy
Due for a change!!

the engine air filter and replacing the cabin air filter.  I also inspected the front brakes and found that one of

always torque axle nuts #Odyssey2Indy
Torquing the axle nut

the caliper pins was seized.  A visual inspection of the brakes looked good.  The brake pads had plenty of thickness to them, the rotors looked decent and the car stopped well, but had an occasional pulsation when stopping.  Taking that extra step to inspect the caliper pistons and pins identified the issue.  I replaced the pin bushings, pads and rotors.  I went with a high carbon rotor with coated hats.  We’ll see how they hold up.

While performing the front brake job I also had to replace one wheel stud as the the threads were stripped at the tip.  This required pulling the hub off to get the stud out.  A little more work than I planned for on a Thursday evening, but it needed to be done.


I always like to clean out the vehicle prior to a trip.  Wiping down the interior, cleaning the windows and vacuuming the carpets.   The headlights were looking a bit faded and I used the Mequiar’s Headlight Restoration kit to make them clear again.  The difference was very noticeable while driving at night!

clouded headlights on the #Odyssey2Indy
Before the restore
clear headlights on the #Odyssey2Indy
After the restore

One last issue developed the evening prior to our departure – a front end rattle.  Seemed suspension related, but everything was tight.  After further investigation I found that the front motor mount had broken.  Four bolts had broken which hold the top plate in place.  I secured in place and while the rattle was sometimes still present, it was greatly reduced.  Replacing that mount will be next on my list!

The Name

For those of you that don’t know, the name for the van, #Odyssey2Indy, came as a result of the goal when it was bought – to get it back on the road (it was a totaled vehicle) and take it to the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 in 2016.  We made it to the 500 without an issue.  On this trip the van made it back to Indy for the 24th running of the Brickyard 400.


The Trip

In typical Indy road trip fashion we stopped off at McDonald’s near Mid-Ohio.  Usually, early morning ice cream cones is the reward forgetting on the road early.

#Odyssey2Indy at McDonalds
We always stop at this McDonald’s near Mid-Ohio.

I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked.  Never do.  The van performed flawlessly.   Fuel mileage is one item that I like to track during our trips.  We ranged from 22.5 to 24.6 MPG.   I add AMSOIL’s Performance Improver to my tank at every oil change and do notice a difference.  The engine seems to run smoother and fuel economy increases.

The van did get its tires on Route 66.

#Odyssey2Indy hanging on Route 66
The #Odyssey2Indy on Route 66

It was a fun, family vacation!

200,000 Miles

200,000 Mile Honda Odyssey
Still plenty of life left in this 200,000 mile Honda Odyssey

This past Monday the #Odyssey2Indy hit 200,000 miles as I pulled into the shop.

No fanfare, no Facebook Live videos, no big celebrations.  Just a hardworking van that’s ready to deliver many more miles.

It’s due for its next AMSOIL oil change and I’ll give it a good once over for the summer driving season.

This past week I’ve received a few compliments and kudos regarding the van.  I guess people think it’s cool to drive a 16 year old van.

I’m still here

The # says it all

Sorry it’s been a while since my last post.  It’s been a bit busy at the shop and in recent weeks my usual “free time”, which is early weekend mornings, has been spent at the shop working on a few business related matters.  I use that “free time” to write my posts.

Posts should be back to normal starting this weekend – at least that’s the goal.

The picture above shows a new #Odyssey2Indy sticker that one of my guys made for me.  The van is back to being my daily as I park the truck for a while – looking to save some $$ on fuel costs.  The van is  roughly 500 miles away from the 200k milestone!  It’s been running great and is ready for it’s next AMSOIL oil change.  Not a 100% sure if the van will make it to Indy again this year, but if we go to the show the van will be our tow.

Stay tuned for the first installment of Ask Bill coming this weekend.  I’ll be posting articles that highlight and address common questions I receive at the shop.

Looking for more MPG

Last week i started driving the #Odyssey2Indy again to give the F150 a rest.  I still am amazed at how well a 195,000 mile van can run when it’s well cared for.

During our summers trips we had 24-25 MPG.  Not bad for a 15 year old mini van.  Last night I needed to fuel up and decided to add a bottle of AMSOIL’s P.I. to see if I can improve the MPG on the van.  One bottle every 4,000 miles is recommended to maintain performance and fuel economy.

I’ll report the MPG at each fill up and will track the MPG improvement.

MPG during Nashville trip
MPG during Nashville trip

Made It To The Music City

We traveled to Nashville for a family vacation and the family voted to take the #Odyssey2Indy and I wasn’t going to argue.

My pretrip inspection found that while the oil had 2500 miles on it it looked like new and was still full.  More proof that a well maintained vehicle will last.  Remember that the #Odyssey2Indy has 194,500 miles on it.

#Odyssey2Indy Overlooking Nashville
#Odyssey2Indy Overlooking Nashville

Again, no issues on the drive. 1300+ miles logged on this trip and  still going strong.

I had recently suggested that I was going to sell/trade it and the family said no way.

@ the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.
@ the Corvette Museum in Bowling Green.

The Odyssey Went To Indy

Hey, that was the plan all along!

The #Odyssey2Indy made the trip to the 100th running of the Indy 500.  The van ran great, A/C blew cold and we had zero issues.

The #Odyssey2Indy parked @ Turn 3 in the infield
The #Odyssey2Indy parked @ Turn 3 in the infield

While the air bag suspension and entertainment updates have yet to be completed the van is a great vehicle to travel in.  Plus 25 MPG!

At the hotel our pizza delivery guy rolls in what – a dipped car!  So we chatted for a while about dip and projects.  Always fun to meet other car enthusiasts.


New Tires

This is the before pic.  Falken Sincera SN250 going on the Odyssey.

I’ll post more pics soon, but what a better ride.  Super smooth and quiet.  I’ll update the post with more pics of the tires on the van.

New Falken Tires
New Falken Tires

New Speakers

Decided to upgrade the speakers in the #Odyssey2Indy last night.  Slight sound improvement.  Next will be a new double DIN head unit with video and a subwoofer.

Gotta have tunes!

Comparing old & new
New Rear Speakers
New Rear Speakers
New Door Speakers
New Door Speakers

26.5 MPG!

First full tank yielded 26.5 miles per gallon. Not bad for a 191,500 vehicle!

It was rated at 25 MPG new so maybe it’s gotten better with age or just a little more fuel got into the tank at the last fill.