Well, looking for next project

The Pumpkin kart is gone.  The interest was high and I was glad to see it go to a couple of  fellas from the ‘Burgh.

They’ll put it together and race it at Pittsburgh International Race Complex this season.  I look forward to seeing it race.

I used the funds to buy a tube to pull behind the Free Boat and we had  blast using it this weekend.

I may be getting close on my next project.  I have a line on three potential candidates and two of them have me excited.  The third would actually allow all four of us to hang at shows, but would probably be the most difficult project to complete.  We’ll see.


For Sale!

Decided my time & energy is better directed other places.

So here’s the ad:

For sale is a rare, White Kart Chassis. Perfect for the growing LO206 class at Thompson Kart Raceway in Ohio. These American designed and built chassis cleaned up on the national circuits.

Complete chassis with orange bodywork, seat, axle and front spindles. and wheels, I do have a couple tires that I’ll include. Super adjustable front end. I got this kart about 2 months ago and had planned to build it to race, but am running out of time and space. Local kart dealer valued it at $500-$600.

While the kart sat at the shop it got lots of looks.   I hate to see it go, but someone else will certainly have fun with it.

Another Project?


A friend asked me to help prep his kart for this season and in exchange he’d give me an older chassis.  I said sure.  While preparing his kart took longer than I had planned for I did learn a few items that will help with my daughter’s kart and racing.  It was worth it.

So now I have this kart.

My first thought was to turn in into a fancy gaming chair for the basement for my racing games.  I don’t think Mrs. Snow will totally support this idea.  I did, however, score some kart seats so I’ll be putting together a gaming chair after all.

I think I may actually sort it out and run it this season.   I don’t know.  The Free Boat has to hit the water before I really get into this kart project but we’ll see.  I also plan to use it as a marketing display at the shop.  It also has yellow bodywork which matches my logo.

I guess you can say that I’ve started working on it…penetrating oil has been applied!

Not going to win any championships with this, but it could be fun.

Penetrating oil applied
Penetrating oil applied

IMG_4717 IMG_4718 IMG_4719 IMG_4720 IMG_4721