Car Care Talk – Mentor Public Library

April is National Car Care Month and I love talking about how to care for your car. A few times per year I’ll give talks about spring car care. Earlier this month I was at the Wickliffe Public Library and on Thursday, April 18th I’ll be at the Mentor Public Library.

These spring time talks focus on a general overview of vehicles, malfunction indicator lamp identification, recommendations for maintaining vehicles and what to look for coming out of winter and getting ready for warmer temperatures.

If weather and time permits we walk around a vehicle in a parking lot to get an up close look at quick check items.

Here are the details…Bill’s Spring Car Talk @ Mentor Public Library.

Bill Snow Car Care Talk

Ford Focus Auction Car – Am I Nuts?

Ford Focus Auction Car
2007 Ford Focus with 219,000 Miles!

Well, I bought a Ford Focus auction car! As much as I tried to stay away from the auctions, I couldn’t. So I ended up with with this 2007 Ford Focus ZX5 SE with 219,000 miles. It was designated as a “starts & runs” vehicle, LOL.

Whatever will I do with this vehicle? I don’t know yet!

Here’s what I do know, I have a couple of options with this vehicle. Flip it, drive it, or tune it. However, first I need to inspect the car and sort it out.

Here’s the video of picking it up

Stay tuned for what is next with this Ford Focus auction car. So many possibilities! Perhaps the $2000 Grassroots Motorsports Challenge in October?

Champcar Focus

New Video: Race Car Removal

I placed this Race Car Removal post in both The Journey and My Racing categories as it fits both parts of my blog.

As I wrote in my 2019 Racing Plans post I will not be entering 2019 with any specific plans to race.  My goal in 2019 is to focus on family and the business.  This past racing season was filled with too many distractions which lead to frustrations and a focus on the wrong things.

Not As Planned

On a recent Saturday my wife and I loaded up the race car, its spares and headed east to deliver the car to its owner so that we’d have that space cleaned up to store another vehicle or a place for a project vehicle.  Keep reading to see what is currently there.

The day didn’t go as planned.  I estimated one and a half hours to pack and load everything up.  Spot on with that estimate.  However, the car wound’t move.  Turns out that one of the recently installed axles was wrong!  I swapped out the axle.  While it didn’t take too long to do the job I had to wait for the axle to be delivered.

Champcar Focus Axle Change
Not happy about having to change the axle

“This car fought you ’til the end.  This is a reminder of why you aren’t racing next year.” – My wife

We made it to Erie and dropped off the car without much of a hassle.  However, we missed a good portion of our evening with friends due to being behind time wise, but all in all the race car removal project can be viewed as a success.  The space is cleaned up!

Removal = Focus

The reason I placed this post into the The Journey category is that my involvement in racing is two fold. 

First, I really enjoy the sport as a participant – there’s nothing better than being on track and tuning out the world.  Being at the track with friends is a blast and being able to wrench between sessions is weirdly fun for me. 

Second, I love the business side of motorsports.  Sponsorship engagement, fan activation, promotion – and everything else.  I believe that if I am involved in motorsports it will be good for business.  While I have gained some new business by being involved in racing it’s not a large referral source.

Part of The Journey is adapting and learning and then making adjustments based on lessons learned.  While it can be fun and rewarding to be involved with a race team and to have a reason to be to at the track right now just isn’t the right time.

With as busy as the shop is, my focus needs to be there.  We have so much work to do on including getting the new offices ready.  I very excited that I can now have a clear focus on my business and personal goals

Video of the Race Car Removal Project

What’s in the space now?

Painesville Speedway racecar
The Painesville Car

While I have no specific plans for the Painesville Race Car in 2019 I will prep it just in case.  It doesn’t need much.

So how can I prep this car and still not race in 2019?  While I have no specific race plans for 2019, that doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t race.  Heading out to the Painesville Speedway for a Winter Series Race or a regular season race night will be a last minute decision.   If everything in my life is where it needs to be at that moment, you might find me at the track. 

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So while the ChampCar Race Car is out of my life, that doesn’t mean that cars, racing and projects are 100% out of my life.  In addition to posting updates on my website, I’ll be creating short videos on YouTube as well.

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I Wish I Had More Time…

This is me most nights

Each day I start with a plan and somedays I get through that plan, – not all of it, but some of it.  Other days I don’t even get an opportunity to start the plan.  So, I usually end up sitting in front of the computer, late at night, trying to pick through the un-completed items and preparing for the next day.

I am happy that we have lots to do at the shop and that we are busy and meeting our goals.  However, I don’t have time to get done what I need to get done.  Some of these items are shop related and some are outside the shop.

My apologies for not posting more.

This past week a client  was standing at the counter and commented that I was a good multi-tasker.  I was on the phone when she arrived.  I was entering an appointment into the computer and I was starting her check-in process on the tablet.  One of my techs was waiting to talk with me as well.  I laughed when she said that.  I said thanks for thinking so, but I won’t get done half of what I need to today.  I had my wife make a sign for my front computer that reads, “SLOW DOWN”.  Being this hectic does not allow me deliver the client experience that I want, nor do I have the time to work ON the business.

I am writing this on a rainy Saturday morning in February.  I’m catching up on some training, replying to emails and I skipped my morning workout.  The family is sleeping.  Later this morning I’ll head to shop to catch up on work from the week and start to prep the new space.

There’s a blessing here – I have a supportive family, a great team and loyal clients that allow me to do what I do.  Every time I think about my goal I get re-energized and re-focused.

One tool I started to use is Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner.  There are many new, paper planners available with different philosophies.  It’s been helpful for goal setting & tracking, planning the day and being able to revisit past days.  I was once a big Franklin – Covey user, but then tried digital tools.   Paper is where it’s at for me.

So I guess I did make a little time this morning to write and ponder.  I also started another post about a look back on the past four years.  Stay tuned for that post very soon.

Painesville Speedway Sponsorship Announcement

Rad Air Sponsors Painesville Speedway Class

I am very excited to be part of 2018 season at The Painesville Speedway.

The new track ownership has brought energy and excitement to the facility and it’s great to be involved with them.   We’ve developed a relationship over the past several months and it’s wonderful to see the support that this family run operation in Lake County has received thus far.

The Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Centers – Wickliffe team and I can’t wait for the green flag to drop! Stay tuned as the season draws near for updates and specials for our Wickliffe clients and the fans of the speedway.


Painesville Speedway’s Announcement:

Our first announcement of the day:

The Painesville Speedway is proud to announce the sponsorship of Rad Air Complete Car Care of Wickliffe for the Factory Four division. Bill Snow and his team has partnered with TPS to be the title sponsor of the great Factory Four division. 

Therefore, in 2018 the division will be recognized as the Rad Air Complete Car Care Factory Four class!

Rad Air Complete Car Care & Tire Centers in Wickliffe is a family owned and operated auto repair facility that has been servicing clients in Lake and Cuyahoga Counties for four years. Rad Air of Wickliffe has four technicians that are trained and equipped to handle all of your service and repair needs. From oil changes and fluid exchanges to brakes, steering, exhaust, alignments and tires – they can do it all. Rad Air can even diagnose and fix your check engine light issue. To make things easy they offer free loaner cars and shuttle service. All repairs carry a either a Fixed For Life warranty or a 24 month / 30,000 mile warranty.


Search For a Champion

Could I Be A Champion?

Search For a Champion

Make Me A Champion (and help a kid get into motorsports)!

So I’ve entered this contest with Champion Spark Plugs that offers sponsorships to racers and I need your help.  More specifically I need your votes!

Before you vote, let me tell you why you should vote for me.

I am a big believer that our youth should get opportunities to experience things they are interested in.  For example, remember wood shop and auto tech?  Remember home economics and sewing?  Heck, we even had intro to business classes when I was growing up.  To some extend these experiences are harder to find for our children.  If a child has an interest they should have opportunities to explore it.

When I was in college I had the opportunity to work on a regional race team in the summers.  I attended races, worked in pits and visited the shop.  I sometimes reflect back on those experiences and realize how important they were to understanding racing, being prepared and how to work under pressure.

Last summer I had the opportunity to race a bit and was able to open a door for a young man to attend two of the events and help our team.  Boy did he jump right in and was a huge help.  It was great to see his enthusiasm.  I was also able to help a family get on the kart track with their kart last year.  Seeing three kids smile ear to ear after running laps all day was awesome.  I want to do more of this!

Here’s My Plan…

My goal is to include a youth member on my team in 2018.  They’ll get to experience working on race cars, helping in the pits, helping with car prep  and will be exposed to the business side of racing (the money losing part LOL).   It takes money to cover the costs of the crew and to be at these racing events.   I will use the Champion sponsorship money to help cover the costs of having a youth member on the team.

I am still finalizing my 2018 racing schedule.  It will include some endurance racing, some kart racing and some oval racing (winter series mostly).  This team member will be able to attend these events and we’ll share the details here and on social media.

How To Vote

Voting does require registration (hey, it’s for a good cause).  Once registered, voting is easy and you are able to vote one time per day.  Reminds me of voting in Chicago, vote early and vote often!

Check out my entry at  On this site you’ll see my entry and the button to click to vote (which will take you the registration page).  Once registered it will remember you each time you come back to vote – which will be everyday, right?

Thank You!

Thank you in advance for your votes.  I really do appreciate your support and the difference that this will make in a child’s life.

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