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Make Me A Champion (and help a kid get into motorsports)!

So I’ve entered this contest with Champion Spark Plugs that offers sponsorships to racers and I need your help.  More specifically I need your votes!

Before you vote, let me tell you why you should vote for me.

I am a big believer that our youth should get opportunities to experience things they are interested in.  For example, remember wood shop and auto tech?  Remember home economics and sewing?  Heck, we even had intro to business classes when I was growing up.  To some extend these experiences are harder to find for our children.  If a child has an interest they should have opportunities to explore it.

When I was in college I had the opportunity to work on a regional race team in the summers.  I attended races, worked in pits and visited the shop.  I sometimes reflect back on those experiences and realize how important they were to understanding racing, being prepared and how to work under pressure.

Last summer I had the opportunity to race a bit and was able to open a door for a young man to attend two of the events and help our team.  Boy did he jump right in and was a huge help.  It was great to see his enthusiasm.  I was also able to help a family get on the kart track with their kart last year.  Seeing three kids smile ear to ear after running laps all day was awesome.  I want to do more of this!

Here’s My Plan…

My goal is to include a youth member on my team in 2018.  They’ll get to experience working on race cars, helping in the pits, helping with car prep  and will be exposed to the business side of racing (the money losing part LOL).   It takes money to cover the costs of the crew and to be at these racing events.   I will use the Champion sponsorship money to help cover the costs of having a youth member on the team.

I am still finalizing my 2018 racing schedule.  It will include some endurance racing, some kart racing and some oval racing (winter series mostly).  This team member will be able to attend these events and we’ll share the details here and on social media.

How To Vote

Voting does require registration (hey, it’s for a good cause).  Once registered, voting is easy and you are able to vote one time per day.  Reminds me of voting in Chicago, vote early and vote often!

Check out my entry at  On this site you’ll see my entry and the button to click to vote (which will take you the registration page).  Once registered it will remember you each time you come back to vote – which will be everyday, right?

Thank You!

Thank you in advance for your votes.  I really do appreciate your support and the difference that this will make in a child’s life.