Ford Focus Auction Car – Am I Nuts?

Ford Focus Auction Car
2007 Ford Focus with 219,000 Miles!

Well, I bought a Ford Focus auction car! As much as I tried to stay away from the auctions, I couldn’t. So I ended up with with this 2007 Ford Focus ZX5 SE with 219,000 miles. It was designated as a “starts & runs” vehicle, LOL.

Whatever will I do with this vehicle? I don’t know yet!

Here’s what I do know, I have a couple of options with this vehicle. Flip it, drive it, or tune it. However, first I need to inspect the car and sort it out.

Here’s the video of picking it up

Stay tuned for what is next with this Ford Focus auction car. So many possibilities! Perhaps the $2000 Grassroots Motorsports Challenge in October?