Great Customer Experiences This Week – Where Did They Come From?

It’s been a while since my last post regarding The Journey This week I was reminded four times that there are still companies and individuals delivering great customer experiences.

Let me take a moment to set this up.  On Friday I had the opportunity to drive a client to his office as he was leaving his vehicle with us for the day.  He mentioned to me that he and his wife are pleased that we are now servicing their vehicles.  Specifically, he was impressed that I would take the time to drive him to his office and pick him up when his car repairs were completed.  I explained My Why to him and my vision for great car care.  This conversation reminded me of how my suppliers have really delivered this week and I wanted to share these experiences with you.

  1. Jason at W.B. Mason.  Two years ago a young man came into the shop and wanted to talk about office supplies.  I explained I use very little in terms in paper, ink and pens.  He said any order is a good order and since then I’ve probably spent $300 a year with him.  I’m guessing I am his smallest client (and maybe shortest), but anytime I call I feel like I’m his only client.  This past week I had a decision to make; purchase more toner and a drum for my laser printer or buy a new ink jet printer that would use the same ink as my other printers.  He researched how often I ordered the toner and he found that my drum was over two years old.  Turns out, it would cost me less to keep the laser printing running and the components were delivered next day.
  2. Lee Ann and the Heartland Payroll team.  My time clock broke this week (oh it’s fun to be a business owner) and it took multiple calls to their tech support to get support only to find out that there’s a $100 cable that needs to be replaced.  I was never a fan of the time clock or its software so I started to research other options.  I made a call to my Heartland Payroll contact and she walked me through their options which integrate with the Heartland Payroll service I already have which will make my life easier as I will no longer have to enter payroll, just audit it.  She was out the next day to get me signed up and two days later the service was live.  What’s really impressive is her implementation team.  I received one, simple email with EVERYTHING I needed to know to get rolling with the service.  Well done!
  3. Carol at Ohio Health Insurance.  It’s annual enrollment time for health insurance and this process can be time consuming, frustrating and confusing.  Carol has worked with me over the past few weeks to research other options.  I explained one area of the plan that is causing concern and she researched it, provided me options and information regarding it which may make it a non-issue or at least it will be better understood and less frustrating.  Further she crunched a bunch of numbers and scenarios to determine what my best option will be.  She found a way to save me some money next year while offering the same plan with same coverage for my employees.
  4. Joan at Waste Management.  I was recently socked with a overfull dumpster surcharge from Waste Management and I thought it was hardly overfull so I reached out to my contact at WM regarding it.  I received a near instant email with a picture of my dumpster on the collection day (WM has a very cool application for their driver’s and supervisors that allows them to document what they see) and a second email stating that she reversed the charges.  Then I received a phone call from her to confirm what she did.  On top of this she updated the route notes to make sure they keep the dumpster away from the building so the lids will close and she asked that I call her if we are approaching an overfull situation so she can get it handled for me.

One way to look at this is to think, of course they gave a great experience…it’s their job!  Agreed.  However, it seems more and more all people want to do is complain about the bad experiences and gloss over the great or even good ones!

I am constantly thinking about how we can deliver a great customer experience.  Do our clients view our service and business the same way I do?  What can we do better or more of? How do I best engage the team to deliver on these?  All of us must think about this topic and then deliver upon it if we want to be a competitor in the marketplace.

What are some ways that you can deliver a great customer experience?