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New Video: Race Car Removal

I placed this Race Car Removal post in both The Journey and My Racing categories as it fits both parts of my blog.

As I wrote in my 2019 Racing Plans post I will not be entering 2019 with any specific plans to race.  My goal in 2019 is to focus on family and the business.  This past racing season was filled with too many distractions which lead to frustrations and a focus on the wrong things.

Not As Planned

On a recent Saturday my wife and I loaded up the race car, its spares and headed east to deliver the car to its owner so that we’d have that space cleaned up to store another vehicle or a place for a project vehicle.  Keep reading to see what is currently there.

The day didn’t go as planned.  I estimated one and a half hours to pack and load everything up.  Spot on with that estimate.  However, the car wound’t move.  Turns out that one of the recently installed axles was wrong!  I swapped out the axle.  While it didn’t take too long to do the job I had to wait for the axle to be delivered.

Champcar Focus Axle Change
Not happy about having to change the axle

“This car fought you ’til the end.  This is a reminder of why you aren’t racing next year.” – My wife

We made it to Erie and dropped off the car without much of a hassle.  However, we missed a good portion of our evening with friends due to being behind time wise, but all in all the race car removal project can be viewed as a success.  The space is cleaned up!

Removal = Focus

The reason I placed this post into the The Journey category is that my involvement in racing is two fold. 

First, I really enjoy the sport as a participant – there’s nothing better than being on track and tuning out the world.  Being at the track with friends is a blast and being able to wrench between sessions is weirdly fun for me. 

Second, I love the business side of motorsports.  Sponsorship engagement, fan activation, promotion – and everything else.  I believe that if I am involved in motorsports it will be good for business.  While I have gained some new business by being involved in racing it’s not a large referral source.

Part of The Journey is adapting and learning and then making adjustments based on lessons learned.  While it can be fun and rewarding to be involved with a race team and to have a reason to be to at the track right now just isn’t the right time.

With as busy as the shop is, my focus needs to be there.  We have so much work to do on including getting the new offices ready.  I very excited that I can now have a clear focus on my business and personal goals

Video of the Race Car Removal Project

What’s in the space now?

Painesville Speedway racecar
The Painesville Car

While I have no specific plans for the Painesville Race Car in 2019 I will prep it just in case.  It doesn’t need much.

So how can I prep this car and still not race in 2019?  While I have no specific race plans for 2019, that doesn’t mean I can’t or won’t race.  Heading out to the Painesville Speedway for a Winter Series Race or a regular season race night will be a last minute decision.   If everything in my life is where it needs to be at that moment, you might find me at the track. 

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So while the ChampCar Race Car is out of my life, that doesn’t mean that cars, racing and projects are 100% out of my life.  In addition to posting updates on my website, I’ll be creating short videos on YouTube as well.

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Gobble Gobble Race Car

Day 1 And The Gobble Gobble 150 Car Is Almost Ready


I picked up our Gobble Gobble 150 car on Friday afternoon and the guys wasted no time getting it ready to race.  I headed to the shop on Saturday – when we aren’t open to perform building maintenance, do some cleaning and organizing and bookkeeping work.  The wife joined me and the guys wanted to come in to work on the car.  Of course, we ended up having some clients come in as well.  One of my daughters stopped up too.  It turned out to be a fun Saturday and we got a ton done.

This project has turned into a great team event for our shop.  The guys are super excited about it and it’s great to see the teamwork and the smiles while these guys are working together on it.

The Before

Here are some shots of the car before the guys worked their magic.  This 2002 Dodge Stratus has a little bit of rust, has driven 138,000 miles and runs well enough to be a contender on the asphalt at Painesville Speedway.

I was hoping to find a big stash of cash or something of value in this car…so what did I find?

Click here to see What Did I find?

The Conversion To a Gobble Gobble 150 Contender

The big items we had to get done included removing the windows, the rear interior and the headlights.  This car had been sitting for two plus months and we found that the right rear caliper was seized and had worn the pads down to metal on metal.  We also found that two the tires had repairs to the edge of the tread/sidewall area which is a huge safety concern.  I actually had four, used Firestone tires laying around that fit this car perfectly.

The guys replaced that bad caliper and installed new pads and a new rotor on the right rear.  We also machined the other three rotors, cleaned up the pads and cleaned and lubed the brakes.  The wheels were cleaned up and painted as well.  The power port was fixed – gotta have power to live stream this race!

As you’ll see in the photos below the guys made quick work of getting the car ready.  At one point I came back into the shop to find my wife working on the car as well!  I’d say that’s a good sign!

What’s Next?

So later today I’ll head to the Speedway to pay our entry fee and then shop for the bars to reinforce the driver’s area.  Once the car’s completely finished I’ll get some more photos posted and we’ll do a walk around on the car.

Oh, and remember my post about the “off-season“?  Well…it turns out that there might be a winter race series that has caught my attention.  More to come on that.

I’l be posting some details about the race on Saturday very soon and hope that many of you can make it.  Warning – if you attend the race you’ll be hooked and you’ll be racing in 2018.

Updated: In Need of Race Car!

Painesville Speedway 150

Update: A car has been found.  Maybe I’ll make this a post topic over the winter, but casting the net wide helped secure a car that we can enter into the race.  Stay tuned for updates.  Race is two weeks away!

Ok, so the guys and I are entering the Gobble Gobble 150 at The Painesville Speedway on November 25th and we still need a car to race!  I found a few potential cars that could have a new life as a race car on the list (a.k.a. Craigslist), but nothing has worked out yet.

I need your help!

This morning I placed a wanted ad on the list hoping to get some replies.  Here is the listing.

So here is what I need:

A running and drivable car- or at least one that needs minor repairs to make it drivable.

That’s it!  It can a Chevy, Ford, Honda, Toyota, or almost anything!  Working heater is a big plus. Help me find the winning car!

No title? No problem! I just provide a bill of sale.

Working heater is a big plus.

Typical budget for one of these cars is around $400.

Here are the event details…
Gobble Gobble 150

If you have a car contact me!  

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