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First things first, welcome!  Great to have you here and talk cars.

So a little about me.  I’m a car guy that left corporate life to start an automotive repair business with the goal of doing it better.  I want automotive repair to be a better experience and I want to deliver great car care.   Read My Why to learn more about how I got here.

Here’s what this site is about…

It’s about cars and my involvement with them.  I also sprinkle in a little about The Journey of business ownership.  The Journey was an idea that my MBA classmates and I discussed way back when we all first started out on our next (ad)ventures.  Well now I am playing catch up on telling the story.

Racing!  Motorsports has been a passion of mine since I was a young lad.  I am involved with a few different racing adventures which you can read about here: My Racing.

One frustrating aspect of being a car guy has been knowing about car events.  Some good websites have been developed over the years for shows and with Facebook it’s easier to find events.  I basically post information about local event including karting, The Painesville Speedway and SCCA events.

You can read about my past projects.  BTW, my favorite past project was our Free Boat.

Lastly, I post about car tips.  What’s funny is that when this site started posting Car Tips was the focus.  However, the other topics seem to be of more interest to the readers so there’s where my time has been spent.

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